• Diawell tablet(kedi)

    Diawell tablet(kedi)
    Indication: Regulates blood sugar, Reduces thirsty feeling, effective for treating diabetes type 2, chronic athrophic gastric etc.
    Dosage: see leaflet

  • kambest Diabetes Cleanser (1 ltr + 500ml)

    Indication: Dizziness, Blood sugar, itching of eyes, yellowish urine, lungs diseases, kidney diseases, heart disease, increase metabolism, frequent metabolism, frequent urine, feet/hands, numbness detoxification of lungs, cancer prevention.

    Dosage: see pack

  • Kambest Diabetes Kits

    What’s in the pack: Kambest cleanser, kambest diabetes capsule 250mg, kambest Moringer and Ginger capsule (250mg), laxative powder(10pcs), Kambest diabetes cleanser suspension(500ml)
    Indication: Dizziness, Sugar in the blood, yellowish urine, kidney disease, heart disease, frequent urine, increase metabolism, feet/hand numbness, detoxification of lungs, cancer prevention


    Kambest Diabetes Kits

  • Madam F. Kaye’s Bitters – Blood purifying Tonic

    Product Details:

    Specially formulated for the treatment of the following:

    Hypertension, Gonorrhea, Stomach Problems, sexual weakness, Diabetes, menopausal pain, waist pains, fever, piles, Ulcer and good for the stomach.

    Dosage: Adult: 2 tablespoon once daily

    Children: 1 tablespoon once daily before meal.


    Ingredients: Aloe Capensis, Hydrastis Canadensis, Enchinacea Angostifolia, Liquefied Honey.

    Warning: Not for pregnant women.

    Member of Ghana National Association of Traditional Healers.

  • Ruzu Herbal Bitters 500ml

    Weak Erection
    Vaginal Discharge
    High blood pressure
    Waist and Back Pains
    Dosage: Adults: 2-4 tablespoon 1or 2 times daily
    Children: 6 years and above, 1 tablespoon (5ml) once in 3 days
    NAFDAC REG. NO:A7-1102L

  • Yoyo cleanser bitters-200ml

    Product details:

    Yoyo Cleanser bitters is an organic drug in the class of bitters that was launched into the market by Abllat Company Nigeria Limited. Since its introduction into the Nigerian drug market, it has received wide acceptance and usage by the general population. It will be an understatement to say that it has become a household name. Its acceptability may be attributed to the safety and efficacy in most cases as there has been minimal report of adverse reaction due to its administration. Yoyo Cleanser Bitters is a bitter in the class of the internationally acclaimed bitters. YOYO Bitters is recognized and proudly approved by NAFDAC with registration number: A7-1051L Product benefits: Aids the effective digestion of heavy and fatty food, leaving the body system clean to function better. YOYO Bitters helps prevent memory loss and other symptoms related to ageing. YOYO Bitters relieves menstrual pains and dizziness in women. YOYO Bitters cures erectile dysfunction related to poor blood circulation. When anxiety, worry or restlessness takes away sleep, YOYO Bitters helps promote natural sleep with no side effect. YOYO Bitters is effective for treatment of pile, general body pains, gastric discomfort / fatigue. YOYO Bitters is antioxidant against free radicals, and it eliminates any traces of toxins in the body system. YOYO Bitters facilitates the process of blood purification by the kidney. YOYO Bitters is also very effective for the treatment of bone-related diseases because of its rich content of minerals including iron. YOYO Bitters is also good and enriching for children because it contains Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 plus vital minerals like Copper, Zinc and Iron good especially for the bones. Contents: Aloe – Vera, Acinos arvensis, Citrus aurantifolia, Chenopodium murale, Cinomoniun aromticum Also contain water soluble vitamins and minerals e.g. Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, &B12), Mineral (copper, zinc, iron)

  • Orak Herbal Formula (200ml)

    Kidney problem
    Stomach trouble
    Dosage: Adults: Age 12yrs and above 2-4 tablespoon(20ml-40ml) before bed breakfast and bed time.
    Children:1 teaspoonful once daily.
    NAFDAC REG. NO. A7-1960L

  • Ruzu Herbal Bitters – 200ml

    The Ruzu Bitters is an amazing Herbal Wonder. It combines 3 key herbs, plus a few secret ones to produce breath-taking results!” This product is not just another supplement, it is curative and the effects can be seen in under 24 hours. It’s Natures Pure Miracle!


    Weak Erection
    Typhoid and Malaria
    Vaginal Discharge
    Menstruation anomalies
    High Blood Pressure
    Waist, Back and Joint Pains
    Infertility (Male and Female)
    Obesity/Stomach Troubles
    Detoxifies the Kidneys and tones the Liver
    Adult: 20ml – 40ml twice daily before breakfast and before bedtime at night
    Children: 2 years and above, 1 teaspoonful (5m) once in 3 days

    NAFDAC Reg. No. : A7-1102L

    Key features

    It is 100% Natural.
    Product is highly effective
    No Additives.
    No Artificial Preservatives.
    No Alcohol.
    No side effects.
    It is curative and the effects can be seen under 24 hours in most cases.

  • Asheitu Adams bitter- Blood purifier 100% herbal 300ml

    Indication: Made from natural combined herbs that suit the human body. Piles, stomach trouble, waist pain, menstruation problem, diabetes, purifies blood & eliminate blood deficiencies.
    Dosage: Adult 1-3 spoon daily after meal. Children: 1 tea spoonful every 3 days.

    Nafdac reg No. A7-1827L

  • Goko cleanser herbal mixture (200ml)

    It’s a good combination of some tropical quality herbs properly formulated to enhance body energy, vitality and youth fitness, it also remove harmful toxins from the body system, thereby reducing accumulated fat and cholesterol level, it regulates blood sugar level.
    Adult:2 tablespoonful three times daily
    Children: from 12years 1 table spoonful three times daily.
    Nafdac Reg. No: A7-0804L


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