Food is a necessity and the what gives the body energy. It comes in different classes, protein, carbohydrates, fats and oil, vitamins and minerals. It also comes in two major forms, in liquid and solid, other forms include puree, jelly, etc.
In eating and preparing food, we can either eat it raw, cooked or processed. Raw foods can be eating vegetables raw or fruits raw while cooked can be boiling, streaming, stewing, baking and using other cooking methods. Processed foods come in tins, bottles, sachets and packs. In some cases they are packed in bundles.

Food bundles are processed foods put together that make up a meal, either breakfast, dinner, lunch or even appetizers, main dish and dessert.

Examples of food bundles include a pack of Nestle milk, Peak milk, St Louis sugar, Butterfield bread and a Lipton tea pack. They all make up a basic Nigerian breakfast. Another example is a pack of spaghetti, a tin of Gino tomato paste, a kilo(packed) chicken, seasoning sachets and a pack of iodized salt, which makes a simple lunch or dinner.

Food bundles are often affordable and can be bought from deliverymarket verified Vendors in  Nigeria.

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